Unreal 5 open world MMORPG game “Time and Space Odyssey” announced new content on May 3, including live demo

News from IT House on April 30th, South Korean game developer NPIXEL recently announced that it will release the second trailer for the open world MMORPG “Chrono Odyssey” at 23:00 Beijing time on May 3rd, including a real machine demonstration of the game .

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“Time and Space Odyssey” was announced in December 2020, and it was originally planned to land on PC/host/iOS/ android platform. According to the latest official description, this work will be a new generation of open world MMORPG game based on Unreal 5, and the mobile platform will be cancelled, leaving only PC and console platforms.

With the theme of “time and space”, this work tells the struggle between the special organization “Idrakin” and 12 gods.

IT House inquired about public information and learned that this game will have large-scale battles and map exploration, with 18 career systems, epic and grand plots, music provided by Cris Velasco, “Resident Evil 7” and “God of War”, etc. The music of other works is composed by him.

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