US Vice President uses Support Plane after Air Force Two breaks down

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris

As a result of technical difficulties, Air Force Two was grounded on Saturday, forcing United States of America’s Vice President, Kamala Harris to change planes on her way back from Europe.

Harris boarded a C-17 support plane for the flight back to Washington after delivering a speech at the Munich Security Conference.

An administrative official told newsmen that: “Due to maintenance difficulties, the VP and the travelling party will depart Munich to Washington DC on a backup aircraft”.

The White House made no more comment regarding the circumstances surrounding the last-minute change.

Only days before the anniversary of the beginning of the war, Harris stated during her remarks in Munich that the United States had publicly assessed that Russia committed crimes against humanity during its war in Ukraine.

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The U.S. would hold Russia accountable for its “horrendous atrocities and war crimes,” Harris vowed during her speech.

She added that, “I say to all those who have perpetrated these crimes, and to their superiors, who are complicit in these crimes, you will be held to account”.

Harris also met with Rishi Sunak, the prime minister of the United Kingdom, Ulf Kristersson, the prime minister of Sweden, and Santa Marin, the prime minister of Finland, during her tour.

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